A Leading Provider of Promotional Items for the St. Louis Area

Just like apparel, promotional items are a great way to promote your new or existing business. What better way to get your company name out there than to reproduce it on simple items that people use every day. A business card with your logo and information is great, but all too often they get shoved into a drawer, rolodex or even the trash, never to be seen again. On the other hand give someone something that they use every day and your company gets much more exposure. Our marketing experts can help you decide what products are specially tailored for your business and our graphic designers will work closely with you on an eye-catching design.

Office products such as pens, pencils, notepads, and mouse pads with your company logo are particularly useful promotional items. Put your company name in front of the people making sales and vendor decisions everyday and watch your client base grow exponentially. We offer a vast array of items with your logo for everyday, practical use.

Key tags are a great promotional item. Most everyone in today's society uses keys and carries them all day, every day. What better way to promote your company than to put your logo and information on something in peoples hands everyday all day long, not to mention the people they come in contact with on a daily basis that will also see your company name. Promotional items are great exposure, and people will appreciate the fact you have given them a gift, something they will actually use. As opposed to a business card they probably won't keep, unless they have a need for your service or product anyway. People are far less likely to toss something that is useful to them.

These are just a few examples of the many promotional items we offer. Practically anything you can think of, we can put your company logo and information on. Can coolers, tote bags, phone cases, flash drives, back packs and water bottles are just a few examples of the many promotional products we offer. We are very attune to the fast changing St. Louis area market, so give us a call or email us for a custom quote on the many promotional items we offer.

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